Nautical Wear - Fashion Tips for This Hot New Trend


Indeed the range of possibilities in purchasing designer fashion can vary greatly. Consider the Pandora charm bracelet as being one of the very popular designer fashion jewelry items that can be built off-line. With the internet, it can be built even more efficiently shopping in minutes what used to take hours. The appeal of a Pandora charm bracelet is the ability to actually build the jewelry. There are infinite combinations of jewels and gems which can signify some sort of personal meaning for the purchaser. You can have gold, silver, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, or whatever else you envision. There are wide-ranging styles, quality, and therefore costs within each gem or precious metal type as well. The creativity belongs to the person who is building the bracelet. The piecemeal nature of the process lends itself to having great appeal for more than just the affluent customer.


An example of a successful high-end boutique designer fashion jewelry seller that is on the front end of the emerging trend of world-wide internet sales trend is David Yurman, Inc. With headquarters in New York, but with over 20 stores in premium locations across the US and in major cities worldwide, David Yurman is synonymous with unique luxurious styles catering to wealthy clientele. A designer fashion jewelry piece that became Yurman's signature is the cable bracelet. This bracelet features a twisted design with gemstones adorning the ends.


Yurman has more recently become known also for watches, fragrances and more. Contrary to what you might think with such an exclusive brand name designer fashion jewelry collection, Yurman has embraced the power of internet commerce. You can purchase Yurman jewelry via direct online shopping, shopping through authorized online retailers, and you can even interact with the company on Facebook and Twitter.

A decidedly different approach and reach as far as markets served, can be found with Ed Hardy. Designer fashion jewelry by Ed Hardy actually redefines what it means to be stylish and in fashion. The statement made is contrasted with one made by wearing a David Yurman. With an Ed Hardy, you create unique through unforgettable appearance without sacrificing quality. Price points are incidental rather than integral. This is a significant development in broadening the definition of what it means to be designer fashion jewelry


The line is based on the renowned Ed Hardy Tattoo designs. Actual popular designs are incorporated into the jewelry and watches. As with the traditional Pandora bracelet discussed above, Ed Hardy jewelry allows for an individual to make a very personal statement. The Ed Hardy Pendants are especially popular. Keeping with the urban and edgy roots of the tattoo parlors, the pendants are most often base stainless steel with a gem component. Ed Hardy designer fashion jewelry can be found online direct in conjunction with it's more clothing centric product line and at authorized online retail stores.

There is no question that between Ed Hardy and David Yurman, you are spanning the entire spectrum of designer fashion jewelry. The great thing is that there is so much in between and the definition of what it means to be a designer fashion jewelry piece is more democratic than ever. Now more than ever, great style is less about the money spent and more about quality and individuality.

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