Requirements to Become a Model

If you wish to become a model you must first decide which type of modeling you would like to do. There are various types, from Catwalk fashion, to body models, lingerie, plus sizes, to choose from.

First of all, appearance will always be of the utmost importance, but of course some agencies have totally different approaches to the kind of model they wish to use. It is always better to present yourself with a natural look, rather like a blank canvass with which the agencies can work.

Fashion and catwalk models are required to be tall, slim, have a unique look, totally healthy outlook on life and be incredibly disciplined. But, the good news is that there are other types of modeling so do not get disheartened if you are not chosen for catwalk or fashion.

Catalogue modeling is a lot easier for many female and male models as the rules are not quiet as strict and of course it caters for all types of people and ages whether male or female, children and teens. Children of course will require a parent present at all times and any child under the age of 16 will require a license to work in the modeling or entertainment industry. Catalogue modeling can be your step on the ladder to entering the world of fashion and catwalk.

It is extremely important for all models whether male or female to organize a portfolio to enable agencies to look at your pictures to see your capabilities. Despite some websites and magazines trying to get you to sign up with them for very expensive photographs to be taken, it is not necessary. A friend can take the pictures for you with a digital camera and a portfolio can be created without enormous expense. A good agency will be able to look at pictures of you and be able to tell right away whether you have potential.

Male models will have to think very carefully which avenue they would like to travel down. They will have to have a long look at their physique and usually have to have formal training in how to stand, walk and move in front of the camera. There are lots of male model agencies that will be able to give advice and make them a more attractive proposition.

Reputable agencies will NOT charge any money to sign you up or to attend castings so it is wise to check first whether there is a fee involved and if so it is advisable to avoid such agencies.

It can be a very expensive career to start out in. You will be expected to pay for your own grooming, travel to and from agencies and castings and always be prepared for not being accepted for a modeling job. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, always study the contract very carefully as it is easy to be swayed into something you have not agreed to in the excitement of being chosen to be a model.

It is important to remember that modeling is an incredibly difficult career to start out in but can be worthwhile if you have the determination and patience to work hard, work long hours and with very little income at the beginning. Success is in your hands and the hands of a trustworthy agency.

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