Women and Stupidity

This is an issue that I'm addressing through witnessing the plethora of poor decision making in modern women.

I know the poor rationalization in women is rooted in two main places. One being the disconnect with spirit and the disconnect with their true feminine essence.

In our abundant male dominated society strength looks like it only comes in one form. Which is often viewed upon as the masculine form. Women from girl-hood see muscles, hear a deep voice, watch the forceful control that men dominate with and say to themselves 'aha that's strength'.

While that is one form of strength that is far from being the only type of strength.

Also strength is something that is both internal and external. While many women are mocking what they see externally as strength, they are internally weak or have detached from their core.


Internal weakness of the mind and core is the root of poor decision making. Internal weakness stems for women not living within there own indigenous power. Feminine essence is where a woman's internal strength roots. Men/Man energy is rooted in the physical world. This does not mean that they have a right to push you around, control or disrespect you. This means that understand their nature is rooted in what is seen. Women/Woman energy is rooted in the spiritual world. This does not mean we are so deeply spiritual. This means I want you to understand where your power is rooted. Women have instinctive abilities to know exactly what is going on and often times what is going to or what can happen just by being in touch with our emotional self.


When woman don't exist fully in her feminine essence her character, her decision making and her life will mostly be a disarray of missed opportunity, difficulty, drama and disappointment. Her personality will be mostly all bravado. An aggressive, controlling, forceful undertone with loneliness, barely in control event after another. While she misses out on the energy, motivation, inner peace and most importantly internal strength.

Having a backbone, being assertive, commanding respect simply with your presence, accepting only the best of every situation requires a strong core. For women that core is the feminine essence and energy.

All God's creations were created with a purpose, an indigenous nature. When we as women ground ourselves spiritually, mentally, physically in our authentic nature our life aligns in sync. The needed wisdom's and over-standing information becomes available to make not just better decisions but the best decisions for ourselves and if and when others are involved.

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