How To Pamper A Woman?

No man will ever want to get advice on this topic for they believe that they are born with a doctorate on this. If you think you know everything about a woman, you are the most foolish person alive on earth. A woman is the most complex character created and remember men they are from Venus while you are from Mars. So what you like, they will naturally not like. And if that woman is very particular about her likes you are in the time of your life to figure her out.

Women like money but they do not love it. What they love are the gestures that you show. The more class she has the more simple her soul is. Money is something but not everything to her. She is not a toy, respect her, when she is sad or angry have the patience to hear her out. Do not always impose your likes on her, she is an individual and has her own opinion. Learn to value them. Do not always be a typical power hungry man and take pleasure in that, your woman would also love to be given the power sometimes. Over inquisitiveness is very unwelcome. She needs her space and privacy. Have faith that she will not do certain things which you say her not to, if she does not want to. Also know what her likes are and if she disagrees on a topic on which you said no, understand that she likes doing that. Make sure that you let her do what she wants. Do you fear that she might leave you? She will respect you even more, my guarantee.

Do not nag on the same topic again and again. If you are not married to her do not constantly go on saying 'marry me'; she does not like to hear it. Do not decide on the clothes she is to wear, give your opinion only if asked but not too strongly; in other words do not be too opinionated. Women do not like it. If you are very egoistic, don't be, I think she is more important, right?

When she is shouting, never shout back. Be quite and listen to what she is saying. Go near her gently, and say sorry as if you mean it, even if you do not know what your fault was or might be that you had no fault at all. Buy her ice-cream or chocolates and make her feel loved. Take her out to an amusement park at day and on a long drive at night. She will be the happiest. Treat her like your god, and yes she is even more. When she sleeps be her pillow, only if she wants you to be. Let her approach instead of you approaching her. Afraid that it might challenge your manhood? It will only make you more lovable to her.

Pampering a woman is the best thing to do. It is an art and not everyone can do it correctly. You just have to know the secrets to her heart. Seems tough? Be a man and accept it. Fight for the woman of your dreams and remember 'gentleness is better than force'.

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