Signs of a Bad Hair Transplant

Although we hope and expect for the best after a hair transplant procedure, sometimes there are those unfortunate mishaps that results to appalling results. There are certain markers of a bad hair transplant and this include the following:


This is always a possibility, even with micro surgeries such as a hair transplant. Unnecessary incisions done can put you at risk to infections which creates a good breeding ground for bacteria, which further results to scarring. It can also cause visible scar marks, bumpy scalp surface and your hair growth altered to a different direction. For this reason, it is important that you look for a good surgeon, because it is through his proper evaluation and expertise that this complication can be avoided.

Hairs Placed in Wrong Direction

When proper assessment and precise expertise is left out of the equation, you are definitely bound to have a confusing hair arrangement. A good surgeon would make sure that each hair is placed according to the direction of the surrounding hairs to make it appear natural looking. For those inexperienced surgeons, transplanting a thousand hairs might cause them to misaligned their placement.

Large Graft

If you have seen a doll's scalp, then you get the picture. Unfortunately, if your hair transplant was done this way, the results can be devastating. When the hair density of the plug is much larger than the natural density of the donor site it can create spaces, as if you have rice paddies growing on your head.

Poor Assessment of Donor Hairs to Recipient Sites

When thorough evaluation is not done on the donor site and whether it has enough hair to supply the recipient area, you will be left with a less than desirable outcome. You may be able to cover the balding area, but you are left with a patchy area at your back. It is a surgeon's responsibility to properly assess and carefully estimate whether there is an adequate amount of grafts to come up with a full head of hair.

Bad Hair lines

A typical male hairline measures approximately 1.5 centimeters above the crease of the upper brow. Inexperienced surgeons might make it too low or he might lack the artistic capacity to align it according to your natural design. This results to an unnatural overall appearance as the proportion of your face is altered.

There is really no promise of perfection for any cosmetic surgery, however when the signs are too profound take it up right away with your surgeon. Fortunately with the advancements in the industry, bad hair transplants can be remedied to a more natural and desirable outcome.

A bad hair transplant is definitely a horrifying experience especially when you are banking on a procedure to relieve a distressing condition. That is why you need to make it a priority to find yourself a reliable and experienced surgeon to guarantee excellent results. At the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration(AIHR), we only give you the best service headed by one of the renowned hair transplant surgeon in the continent - Dr. Andrew Kim. Along with our expert hair technicians, we make it our priority to give you only the best looking results and the most value for your money. You can get a personal evaluation at our clinics located at Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Or check out our website and get yourself a free consult!


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