4 Popular Beauty Myths Busted

There is absolutely no dearth of myths when it comes to beauty, fitness, health, nutrition and weight loss. I believe they are as integral to mankind as superstitions, but they differ from the latter in that it's difficult to hazard a guess on how they originated.

I guess we needn't worry our heads with things like that and simply focus on debunking these myths with a foundation of solid facts. Our role is to prevent these myths from perpetuating themselves. If we can do that, we can consider our jobs done. So, pass on the good word, my man!

Myth 1: Sitting with your legs crossed will cause varicose veins

Nope, they won't. And, they won't cause spider veins either. On the other hand, standing for long periods can give you varicose veins. When you stand too long, the vascular network has to work overtime to pump blood from the legs up to the heart. In case the valves that channelize the blood flow in one direction within the vessels aren't functioning properly, it can cause the blood to pool. Result? Varicose veins. So, cross your slender legs all you want; just don't stand around for too long.

Myth 2: When you shave, the hair that grows back is thicker and darker

Not true. Shaving does nothing to change the density, color, or width of your hair. If you look at the structure of a strand of hair, it is wide at the base and narrow at the tips. Shaving cuts hair at the base, causing the widest part to grow out. This causes the hair to look thicker. But there isn't any real change in the texture of your hair.

Myth 3: Apply petroleum jelly on your face and keep wrinkles at bay

Hate to break your heart, but there isn't much truth in this either, even if it was part of Marilyn Monroe's beauty routine. Petroleum jelly may be the strongest moisturizer known to us but it cannot prevent aging. The best it can do is force the oil into the skin and keep it from evaporating. However, as your skin ages, it is unable to retain moisture as it used to. Petroleum jelly softens the lines by adding moisture to the skin; thereby making them less visible. But, it won't turn the clock back for your skin.

Myth 4: Brush your hair vigorously for a healthy shine

Vigorous brushing of the hair does more harm than good. If fact, gentle brushing is recommended by hair experts. Brushing your locks gently distributes the natural oils from the scalp all the way to the hair shafts, thus making them shine. It also stimulates flow of blood to the scalp and removes impurities adding to the overall health of your hair. Now you know what to do to keep your crowning glory healthy.

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