High Heels - Be Careful

As we all know women love wearing heels which seem to be getting higher and higher every year. However wearing high heels for long periods can cause many problems ranging from aching feet to hammer toes. High heels can also cause problems for other areas of the body including your knees, back and hip. It's staggering to think that 80% of people with foot problems are women. Pregnancy is one of the main factors as your body changes and your weight increases, coupled with wearing high heels only increases the chances of feet problems. Add this to the fact the women walk up to 3 miles more than men everyday no wonder women suffer more.

Choose shoes that fit properly, many people buy shoes that are too small thinking that they will stretch. Remember your feet expand though out the day so try shoes on at the end of the day; yes this is not always possible so allow for this expansion. It may sound silly to some but try both shoes on as your feet may not be identical. Get your foot size checked regularly as your foot size increases as you age.

Choose a pair of shoes with a shock absorbing sole cushioning your feet though out the day. If you're favourite pair of shoes have no cushioning then get a pair of good quality insoles. Try to spend less time in your heels and whenever possible give your feet a break. Put your feet up for 10 - 15 minutes this will reduce swelling and help circulation, treat your feet by giving them a good massage.

A great tip is to soak your feet in cold water then warm water this helps reduce the toxins in your feet, helps improve circulation, repeat this process several times for best results and remember always finish with warm water. Use a good quality over the counter moisturising cream or spay will really help your feet stay healthy.


Medical advice says if you wear high heels occasionally you should not cause any long term damage to your feet, however if worn excessively serious and even permanent damage can be caused. Remember these types of shoes cause problems like corns, bunions, and hammer toes. They also cause you to have an unnatural body position which can cause problems with your back, hip and leg muscles.

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