Good Hair Dryer

Great looking hair starts with a good hair dryer, so before dreaming about the countless styles you want to create you must first decide on which kind of hair dryer you want to get the job done quickly and gently.

There are three types of hair dryers on the market and they're all good for certain hair types. Tourmaline is especially good for frizzy hair types that need more control for longer while ionic is faster at drying wet hair. The third type is ceramic and this popular heating material is great for everyone's hair, so let's get to know a bit more about it.

A good hair dryer that uses pure ceramic heating components is the best way to protect your hair's health while speeding up the drying process. This is because ceramic's self-regulating heat is produced with far-infrared waves that softly warm each strand from the inside out to avoid overheating the delicate exterior layer while also retaining the natural oils to ensure the preservation of your hair's moisture and vitality. Ceramic's natural negative ion technology smoothes and seals the cuticles to reveal perfectly sleek and silky hair that won't frizz throughout the entire day. This ionic component also cuts down on styling time so you won't risk your hair's health due to over exposure to heat. With these technologies integrated into a good quality ceramic hair dryer your natural color will be locked in along with your hair's natural moisture to promote vibrantly shiny and silky, smooth, frizz free styles in just a few minutes.

A model that is relatively new but is rapidly rising in popularity due to its powerful technologies is the 2000 Watt and low emf Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer. Its pure ceramic coils produce hydrating and moisturizing heat while added tourmaline is in charge of releasing an overwhelming amount of negative ions that work to dry your hair in the fastest time, leaving it soft, smooth and frizz free. It includes 3 temperature settings, 2 speed settings and even a cool shot function to seal the cuticles for a vibrant shine. As for attachments, Karmin includes a narrow nozzle attachment for concentrated styling with your favorite brush or for smaller sections of hair. Not to mention its 2000W motor that is long lasting and ensured with a hefty warranty.

Top brands like Karmin are what you should look for when planning on buying a good ceramic hair dryer to ensure fast performance, gentle heating and outstanding results.

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