Body Parts Modeling

What is body parts modeling?

Body parts modeling is just like ordinary modeling, but instead of using your face to do the work, you use your other body parts to do the work. This is a pretty fun way to get modeling jobs, as all you need is a part of your body that looks good enough to model. For example, if your hand is smooth and clear, you can easily get that hand to get a job for print ads. If you'd like to get started as this type of model, it's very possible to do so, and all you need is a good agency.

Getting started

When getting started in this type of modeling, you want to join or be a part of an agency that works specifically with body parts modeling. Instead of going to an ordinary modeling agency, you may not get the right job in the end. So, it's good to be a bit extra careful when finding an agency. If you already know a few, try asking them if they can supply for you boost part modeling jobs. This will help you yield go sees for those wonderful body parts of yours. First, try to identify what it is that you think is most attractive about your body -: legs, feet, muscles, hands, ears, toes, knees. By knowing what looks the best, you can look for an agency that will help you to get the most jobs possible.

How much can I earn?

On average, there are good chances that you can get paid as much as an ordinary model. It's hard to say exactly how much you can earn, as you could get jobs related to prints ads or commercials. So, it really does depend upon you and whether or not the job is going to pay high.

Create a portfolio

Try getting a photographer to help create some head shots for your portfolio. In your portfolio, try taking pictures of all the best body parts that you have. Try to only choose a few parts and make the rest of your photos your entire face and look. Remember that it's very rare to get these kinds of jobs, but it's very possible to get several go sees throughout the year if your agency really pushes you into the industry. It's more about connections, so really try to look for an agency that personally likes you.

As a body parts model, you'll definitely need to keep looking good. In fact, there's one hand model who makes millions every year and she never puts her hands in direct sunlight, so she really takes care of her hands. As for you, try to keep those body parts looking good whether it's your abs, feet, legs, or ears, take care of them as best as you can. In the end, you might get tons of go sees. It's actually very nice to be a body part model because your face isn't seen, so this could be a great way to model for those of you who are a bit shy.

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