How to Straighten Hair With a Flat Iron

Straightening hair with a flat iron is simple, but it can seem impossible if you haven't learnt a technique to do it properly. You'll get the job done much quicker and easier if you know exactly what you're doing, so here are a few steps to get you familiar with the hair straightening process.

1. Start off with clean hair for better results. Comb through it to untangle while you let your flat iron heat up.

2. To protect your locks from heat damage, apply some heat protectant and comb through again to distribute it evenly over your hair. Make sure it has dried completely before using your flat iron.


3. Clip your hair back in multiple sections to make it easier. Begin with the undersection of your hair and use smaller sections if your hair is thick.
4. Choose one section and comb through to make sure it's completely untangled. Hold it taught and clamp the flat iron down as close to your roots as possible. Pull the flat iron in A fluid movement over the section until you reach the ends. If it's not straight the first time, that's ok, just go over it again or try turning the heat up a bit.


5. Keep on straightening until you've finished the bottom sections, then start on the top half and carry on until your whole head of hair is straight.

6. Lightly apply some holding spray to keep your new, sleek style for longer, and if you live in a humid climate you might want to use a serum specialized in repelling humidity. At this point, feel free to keep using your flat iron to add flicks or maybe even a curling iron for extra style.

So there you have it! Six steps to go from curly to straight without the hassle of visiting a hair salon (or the high fees). Just keep in mind that the best way to get smooth and shiny hair is to use a good quality flat iron in the first place and taking good care of your hair. Even though good quality flat irons include far infrared heating for moisturized locks and negative ion technology for frizz free results, you should always take the extra precautions to keep you hair soft and healthy at all times. This means not straightening on a regular basis, no matter how tempting it may be once you learn how to do it right.

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